Looking for an attractive, flexible, and low cost option for your store fixtures that can be made to your specifications without significant investments in tooling and setup? Why limit yourself to one configuration of your in-store fixture when you can have a system that’s flexible as well as attractive that your merchandisers can change as needed to accommodate your changing display requirements?

We manufacture everything from headgear displays and merchandising hooks to metal shelves which can be utilized on many different fixture types including but not limited to slat wall, wood and metal fixtures, and of course wire grid walls and fixtures. In addition to offering high levels of flexibility wire products are an affordable option that won’t break your budget. Our experience in manufacturing wire store fixture components in China insures that you receive the best product available with guaranteed quality and on-time delivery.

Rapid development, lighter weight than conventional face outs and hang bars, extremely flexible in their configuration and application usages- wire products could be an outstanding choice for your next product rollout. Contact us today and talk to one of our designers about what we can do for you to showcase your products utilizing this outstanding product.

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