ACT, Inc has always been an industry leader in wood products, after all that’s where we started out. Whether you are looking for cash wraps and back wraps, glass display cases, merchandisers, 4 ways, shelves or any other wood based store fixture, ACT, Inc. has you covered.

Automated Cutting Technologies was founded by an industry expert who was involved in the development of CNC routers before they became mainstream, as a result we have enjoyed a significant advantage over competitors that needed to learn the technology from the ground up. Our people understand the technology deeply and leverage that knowledge to the fullest advantage in every phase of our cutting and routing operations.

When you specify wood store fixtures in your design you can rest assured that ACT, Inc. will deliver exactly what you specify on-time and with outstanding quality every time. Utilizing our state of the art equipment Automated Cutting Technologies will manufacture your custom store fixture package in the appropriate materials to insure long term beauty and performance.

From solid wood in a wide variety of wood species finished with high-end processes, to engineered wood products designed to lower cost while providing outstanding durability and strength, or a combination of both as required to achieve the final goal, ACT, Inc. will provide you with store fixtures that not only look outstanding but which will also perform as intended for years in retail, hospitality, and medical environments.  

Our abilities in wood machining and finishing result in outstanding store fixtures and accessories, true craftsmanship coupled with technology is a combination that’s difficult to find in today’s crowded marketplace and Automated Cutting Technologies is proud to be one of the premiere store fixture supplier in the country that still offers these types of services to today’s discerning retailers looking to distinguish their brand from others.

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