Trade Show

Let us help you make a great first impression when you display your products at industry trade shows. Many companies can sell you a generic display booth with the basics needed to display your products and literature but wouldn’t you prefer having your brand showcased in the best possible light for those important visitors?

We can custom tailor a trade show booth or an entire space that presents your products in a manner that mimics the environment that you spent significant time developing and are providing in the retail setting which keeps your branding message consistent and recognizable to current and future customers. Our ability to take your existing store fixtures and transform them into a portable retail store environment has been proven to be an effective and exciting option for those retailers who demand the best in all aspects of their business.

We have experience in crating and transporting trade show booths and fixtures as well and we offer those services as part of our comprehensive service package. Once we’ve designed and manufactured your trade show environment and insured that it meets your expectations we will design a custom shipping container for your trade show booth that will allow it to arrive as fully assembled as possible for easy delivery and setup in the show area and just as importantly allow it to be repacked and transported back to the warehouse or wherever you require it to go next safely and efficiently.

Once back at our warehouse will inspect and perform any repairs necessary to return the booth back to show ready condition and store it until it’s needed again. Attention to these details makes Automated Cutting Technologies the best choice for your trade show booth and fixture needs.

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